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Raymond + Yi TongShalom Baptist Chapel

Photographer . Mike Chen
Make Up Artist. The Little Brush
Gown. Truly Enamoured
Decoration. Flower Matters
Venue. Shalom Baptist Chapel
Hand Bouquet. Flower Matters
Music By: Hillsong

There is no UNSUCK filter in post processing. The photo is either good, or it’s not. Post Processing won’t make a crappy images look good.
I always shoot it right in camera with minimal post processing to make you wedding images true and timeless.

You know, every wedding has a unique story to tell and unfold.
Some ask me why are there so much feel when they look at my pictures. To be true to you, not all weddings are the same.
I am just like a chef, that great chef who picks up great ingredients (moments), put them in the wok and cook to my liking (post process). This dish might be awarded Michelin star but it might just be normal to some. There is always a higher mountain than the others and that is why I never thought of competing but constantly improving myself to be better than yesterday.

I am blessed to have Raymond & Yi Tong for their pre wedding as well as their actual day wedding.
See their Pre Wedding images here –>> CLICK HERE!!

That feel is unbelievable amazing. Now I know Raymond sings like a champion and Yi Tong can tears more easily than I thought!