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Adam + Jenny

I promise I didn’t make them laugh like crazy… hahaha,

So this is the first time I have the chance to shoot inside the national gallery and hey, this place is really handsome. Haha, I think it a he instead of she. We had lots of fun and created tons of images! I love this location as it is air-con, the fact that the light falls in through the magnificent glass door even on a rainy day, and also the clean background.

PG. Mike Chen Photography
Gown. Digio Bridal
MUA. Tera Makeup Artist
Flowers. 85 Flowers
Location. National Gallery Singapore
Seletar North Link
Jurong Lake Gardens
Music by. Shaylee Simeone feat. Tim Halperin


Shane + Lynette

I was blessed with amazing light, lush greens, clean beach and super interaction with these two amazing human!!
Can’t ask for more!!!

You know MUA is one of the most important element and I think Ladyy Claire totally nailed it!

PG. Mike Chen Photography
MUA. Ladyy Claire
Flowers. 85 Flowers
Location. Coney Island
Music by. Meiko

Andrew + Eva

Eva loves my images so much and she was so upset when she came to know that I was booked for her wedding day.

She even waited and hope that the other couple will postpone so they can proceed with their booking.

It truly touches my heart to know that my images craved such a great impact. Thank you so so much for having me as your pre-wedding photographer instead.

The skies were extremely grey and that was just 10 mins before their pre-wedding.

I was so worried about the downpour will but we were extremely blessed!
We were greeted by soft flat light at the start of the shoot and a tint of golden light at the end of the shoot.

Can’t ask for more!

Gown. Digio
Venue. Coney Island
Music by. Modern Aquatic

Will Serge + Leanna

Photographer . Mike Chen
Make Up Artist. Charlane Yu
Music By: Jordan Critz

There is no UNSUCK filter in post processing. The photo is either good, or it’s not. Post Processing won’t make a crappy images look good.
I always shoot it right in camera with minimal post processing to make your wedding images True and Timeless.
Trend and style come and go away, you wouldn’t want your images to look expired in 3-5 years down the road.

In this shoot, I concentrate much on the light and composition but there is one most powerful element in there; their love and interaction.

Here we have Will Serge + Leanna all the way from Chicago, thank you for choosing me and forming this friendship.
They are such a lovely and amazing couple, they were together since their college days and that was an amazing 8 years till now!

Believe it or not, I didn’t really been to or notice this part of the Fort Canning Park and when we had a walk there I was totally blown away with the places and the light I saw.

Zhun Chong + Siwen

Photographer . Mike Chen
Music By: Jordan Critz

Be with someone who makes you laugh.
Someone who always tell the truth and support your dreams.
Someone who loves you for who you are and wants to be with you.

I totally love this series!
I have never been here before and when Siwen suggested this area, I was like – LET’s GO!
We roamed into the back alleys, searching for light and composition, tons of laughter generated, left footprints and great memories formed.